Quantity Limits for Blue MedicareRx (PDP)

Quantity limits are in place to ensure your medication is being used correctly and that you are getting the most appropriate treatment.*

  • Some prescriptions are limited to a specified maximum quantity. Amounts over that quantity are not covered unless approved in advance by the plan.
  • Blue MedicareRx covers up to a 30-day supply for retail prescriptions, or up to a 90-day supply at certain retail pharmacies or through mail order.
  • Drugs on the specialty tier are limited to a maximum 30-day supply.

No special steps are required to have your drugs covered, provided your medications are prescribed within specified limitations.

  • If you require drugs in a larger quantity than is allowed, your physician may request a coverage exception.
  • This type of exception is processed through a coverage determination.
* Quantity limits are based on manufacturer's safety and dosing guidelines