Mail Order Prescription Service

You can save time and skip the lines at the pharmacy with our mail order prescription services from MedImpact Direct Mail®1 2. Usually, the prescription drugs that are available through mail order are ones you take on a regular basis. You may also be able to get your mail order prescription as a 90-day supply. MedImpact Direct Mail® is the only in-network pharmacy that offers mail order to Blue MedicareRx members. To get the most out of your benefits, use MedImpact Direct Mail® for your mail order prescriptions.

Mail order resources

Use these resources to get started with the mail order service.

Sign up for automatic refill and renewal programs

With automatic refills, we will start to process your next refill automatically when our records show you should be close to running out of your prescription. With automatic renewal, MedImpact Direct Mail® will contact the prescriber to renew prescriptions before they expire.

If you sign up for the automatic refill program, the pharmacy will contact you before shipping each refill to make sure you still need the prescription filled. You will have the option to cancel the scheduled refill if you don't need it. If you no longer want to use the automatic refill program, contact MedImpact Direct Mail® customer care at the number listed above.

Refer to chapter 3 in the Evidence of Coverage to learn more about an automatic refill and renewal programs.

1MedImpact Direct Mail® Part D Services is an independent company providing pharmacy benefit management services.

2Not all prescription drugs are eligible for this service and not all pharmacies offer this service. Contact Blue MedicareRx customer service if you have questions or need assistance determining if you may use this service.